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How to Prepare Kool-Aid
    Kool-Aid has many different uses, including cleaning the dishwasher, cleaning rust from concrete, making play lip gloss, making frosting, making temporary hair dye, and making the Kool-Aid drink. Every second in the United States, people consume seventeen gallons of the great American beverage. Follow these steps, and you too can enjoy this fabulous drink.
    First, pick a flavor that sounds appealing to you. You may want to choose from the seven original flavors: cherry, lemon-lime, grape, orange, root beer, strawberry, or raspberry. If these flavors do not appeal to you, Kool-Aid offers more than eighty other fun flavors. Even though they may all sound delicious, you need only one package at this time. Not sure where to find Kool-Aid? Check at your local grocery store and check down the juice aisle.
    Once you have settled on a flavor, a few other items will need to be collected from around the house. If you do not have these items, they may need purchased while at the grocery store. You will need a two-quart pitcher. Glass or plastic will be fine, however; I would recommend something with a lid to help prevent spills later. Then, find a long handled spoon, a one-cup measuring cup, confectioner’s sugar, ice, and drinking water. Now that you have all or your items, you can now make your Kool-Aid.
    Next, fill the pitcher with two quarts of drinking water. Stop two inches from the brim to allow for stirring the water and adding ingredients without overflowing. With one hand, grab the top of the Kool-Aid package and give it a gentle shake to move all of the powder to the bottom. Keeping your hand on the top of the package and grabbing the rest of the package with your other hand, slowly pull with the hand on top to tear about a centimeter off the package. Pour the contents of the package in the pitcher of water. Using the measuring cup, add two cup of confectioner’s sugar into the pitcher as well.   If you have doubt about...

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Kool-Aid Marketing Strategy Essay

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Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Situation Analysis 4-7 Competitors 4-5 Company 5-6 Consumers 6-7 Objectives 8 Budgeting 8 Strategy 9-10 Execution 10-11 Evaluation 11-12 References 12

Executive Summary
The Kool-Aid brand has faded as the market has become flooded with various choices of sodas, waters, energy drinks, packaged and powdered sports drinks, and a myriad of other options. Our goal is to bring back this brand which was once at the heart of teen popular culture.
We will focus on bringing two new products to the Kool-Aid lineup: sugar-free premixed and energy drink.
The target market for sugar free…show more content…

Kool-Aid will once again be a mainstream part of modern popular culture.
Situation Analysis
We broke the situation down into three different areas: 1) How Kraft’s Kool-Aid competes with competitors of other flavored drinks, such as soft drinks, juices, etc 2) How Kraft’s Kool-Aid maintains a competitive advantage as its own company 3) Who is Kraft Kool-Aid’s customer, and what trends do we see in that market
Market Overview
Kool-Aid, a brand that offers flavored drink mix owned by Kraft Foods is part of the soft drink industry. Three main players control the soft drink industry and they are Coke (42.8%), Pepsi (31.1%), and Dr. Pepper Snapple Group (15%). First of all, a soft drink is defined as any drink that contains water, but not alcohol. This includes soda, juice/punch, energy drink, tea, sports drink, and water. There are more than a thousand different soft drinks in the U.S. market, and among the one thousand variety of drinks, the three main players offer about 400 of them (40%). Since the three dominant brands pretty much control the market, most of the small players compete by offering inexpensive drinks that are often only sold in particular retail chain such as Sam’s Choice and Shasta Beverages. They also compete in the newer category of soft drinks such as tea and energy

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