A1 Standard English Essays Topics

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Tell about a recent interview.

Tell about a time when you lost something.

Tell about one of your fondest childhood memories.

Tell about a time when you lied to your parents, boss, or teacher.


What is your opinion about cellular phones?

What is your opinion about women in the military?

What is your opinion about a current politician?

What is your opinion about violence on television?

What is your opinion about fortune telling?

What is your opinion about the tabloids?

What is your opinion about legalizing marijuana?

What is your opinion about the welfare system?

What is your opinion about cloning?

What is your opinion about recycling?

Tell about a time when you were treated unfairly.

Briefly tell about a movie you saw recently.

Tell about something you made ?from scratch.?

Tell about a “close call” you had recently.

Tell about something you wish had never happened.

Tell about a time when you inadvertently caused trouble for someone else.

Topics for creative writing in English

There are a lot of topics to write about. We have listed some down here.

Me and others

  • Let me introduce myself...
  • My sister/brother
  • My father's/mother's job
  • My best friend
  • People I like
  • Problems of young people
  • What I think about fashion
  • My strangest dream
  • Who can be a hero?
  • Would you do any voluntary activity?

My world

  • My home town
  • Which do you prefer - city life or country life?
  • Holidays at home or abroad?
  • I'm happy when...
  • If I had a million dollars...
  • Living as a teenager in my country

Hobbies and leisure

  • Cost of Cds/DVDs
  • My hobbies and interests
  • My favourite pop group
  • My favourite sport
  • An interesting weekend
  • An interesting film/book
  • My last holidays in...
  • Plans for my next holidays
  • I have a dangerous hobby

Education and work

  • Applying for a job
  • Give arguments for or against teenage working
  • My dream job
  • My dream school
  • My favourite subject
  • School uniforms
  • Schools in the USA/Britain and Germany

Healthy life

  • What's my day like?
  • What I like to eat...
  • At the doctor's
  • Try to convince your friend to stop smoking/drinking/taking drugs
  • My attitude towards sport
  • My favourite sports
  • I like fast food
  • I'm a vegetarian

Me as a consumer

  • I like/don't like shopping
  • Pocket money - how much do you get - how much do you need?
  • Do you save money?

Life on earth

  • My pet
  • How can you save the environment?
  • Endangered animals
  • Skiing and the environment
  • Why I like animals

Media and arts

  • Do you like reading?
  • Which do you prefer - reading a book or watching the film?
  • I like my mobile phone
  • I like watching TV.
  • I like playing on the computer.
  • There's too much violence on TV
  • Success changes people - what do you think?

The world of English

  • Life in Britain/the USA/Australia/Northern Ireland (or another English speaking country)
  • Why should people speak English?

Past, present and future

  • A day without electricity
  • My future wife/husband
  • How do you see yourself in 10 years?
  • Christmas - an old tradition that should be kept or big business for the industry

Thanks to Bernhard, Johann and Meryl.



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