Essayant Meaning

outdo - be or do something to a greater degree; "her performance surpasses that of any other student I know"; "She outdoes all other athletes"; "This exceeds all my expectations"; "This car outperforms all others in its class"

outgo, outmatch, outperform, outstrip, surpass, exceed, surmount

beat, beat out, vanquish, trounce, crush, shell - come out better in a competition, race, or conflict; "Agassi beat Becker in the tennis championship"; "We beat the competition"; "Harvard defeated Yale in the last football game"

outsmart, outwit, overreach, circumvent, outfox, beat - beat through cleverness and wit; "I beat the traffic"; "She outfoxed her competitors"

outgrow - grow faster than

outcry, outshout - shout louder than

outroar - roar louder than

outsail - sail faster or better than; "They outsailed the Roman fleet"

outdraw - draw a gun faster, or best someone in a gunfight

outsell - sell more than others; "This salesman outsells his colleagues"

outsell - be sold more often than other, similar products; "The new Toyota outsells the Honda by a wide margin"

outpace - surpass in speed; "Malthus believed that population increase would outpace increases in the means of subsistence"

better, break - surpass in excellence; "She bettered her own record"; "break a record"

outshine - attract more attention and praise than others; "This film outshone all the others in quality"

outrange - have a greater range than (another gun)

outweigh - be heavier than

outbrave - be braver than

out-herod - surpass someone in cruelty or evil

outfox - outdo someone in trickery

shame - surpass or beat by a wide margin

outmarch - march longer distances and for a longer time than; "This guy can outmarch anyone!"

outwear - last longer than others; "This material outwears all others"

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