Shay Assignment 4

COMPENSATION PLAN 2 This paper will be looking at and showing the comparisons and benefits of the Mattress Firm and how they have a much better package to offer new and present employees. It will also be explaining what is expected of those employees that helps the company offer them the benefits that are available to them. Also this paper will show the comparisons between the Mattress Firm and their local competitors and how they do not offer the quality compensation package or benefits that this company does. Mattress Firm Background The Mattress Firm has over 450 stores nationwide and most are franchise owned, they are in almost every state in the United States and carry some of the best products available in the bedding industry. Just as the workforce is becoming increasingly diverse, so too are the said they have certain guidelines and products that must be carried, however each franchise does have some room to carry extra products that they choose, can have their own compensation package for employees as long as it is at or above corporate guidelines, some benefits is totally up to the franchise such as vacations, 401K, sick leave, bonuses, training, hiring and termination. Each franchise has its own warehouse operations, deals with the manufactures on its own and can make its own deals with the different manufactures. Also company market shares are calculated for each area and the company its self has their percentage along with each franchise, companywide Mattress Firm has a 32 percent customer share, but the Corpus Christi market has a company high of 45 percent market share. This location is providing you with the number one share companywide for the last three years and in the top five companywide for the last eight years. What does that mean for you? It means that even though it is a smaller market it is well run, very aggressive, gives consumers the correct product, gives their employees proper training,

PROMOTIONS 2 Looking at the seven different types of consumer promotions they all have one thing in common, and that would be to get as many consumers as possible a reason to decide to purchase a product or item at that time. This is also some of the biggest tools that a retailer or manufacture can use to get a consumers attention and to persuade them that this is the best product for what they are wanting to accomplish, and the promotion that they are offering makes it the best time to buy their product. Especially during slow economic times promotions can be the one thing that makes consumers spend their money and it can stimulate the economy and move products which is the main reason manufactures and retailer offer promotions, the other reason would be to get consumers familiar with a new product and excited about it becoming available, which hopefully will create a demand for that item. However after developing and executing consumer sales promotion activities, an evaluation plan is needed to determine their overall effectiveness (Ogden, & Ogden, 2014). Some of the different promotions can be rebates, coupons, contest, sweepstakes, premiums, trade shows, and in store promotions. Consumer promotions are meant to drive people towards a company’s product. Smart advertisers know that in addition to delivering an awesome product, they also must have exceptional customer service. Because of the vast amount of market place competition, advertisers are developing more clever ways to lure consumers into


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