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1 “Little strokes fell great oaks.” Benjamin Franklin
Description Essay“Little strokes fell great oaks.”Benjamin Franklin

2 What is a Description Essay
A description essay appeals to the reader’s five senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.It paints a vivid picture with words. The writer’s purpose is to describe people, places, or objects as detailed as possible so that the readers are able to form a clear picture in their minds.

3 To write a description essay, it would be a good idea to follow the following steps . . .
Step one: Choose an interesting topic (a person, place or an object)

4 Dominant Impression—LNE Campus is vibrant.
Step two: Decide on what kind of dominant impression you want to convey with your descriptionExamples:Topic—LNEDominant Impression—LNE Campus is vibrant.Topic—My GrandmaDominant Impression—My grandma is a strong woman.

5 Step three: Support the dominant impression with at least three major features.
Examples:LNE Campus is vibrant: one can sense the lively atmosphere by watching students busy socializing, faculty members busy conduction classes, and student activists organizing activitiesMy grandmother is a strong woman. Her strength lies in her intellectual power, her emotional steadiness and her good health.

6 Step four: Use descriptive details
Step four: Use descriptive details. The following are ways to provide descriptive details.Vague: The tuna tasted strange.Improved: The tuna tasted bitter and spoiled.Vague: The closet smelled funny.Improved: The closet smelled damp.Vague: The old man smiled.Improved: The wrinkled, gray-haired, old man grinned a toothless smile.

7 Use descriptive diction
2). Replace being verbs (am, be, been, is, was, were) with descriptive actionwords to improve a description essay.Vague: Leo is having a conversation with Elizabeth.Improved: Leo whispers secrets into Elizabeth’s ear.Vague: The music is loud throughout the apartment.Improved: The music blares throughout the apartment.3). Replace boring verbs with action verbs to further enrich the descriptionin the essay.Vague: The salesman looked at Erika when she opened the door.Improved: The salesman stared at Erika when she opened the door.Vague: Paul’s hungry date ate the pastry.Improved: Paul’s hungry date devoured the pastry.4). Avoid vague nouns, such as thing, stuff, and item.Vague: Honesty is a thing that I admire.Improved: Honesty is a trait that I admire.Vague: Henry gave the stuff to his brother.Improved: Henry gave the bag of books to his brother.

8 Writing Descriptive Essays
I. Introduction1. Lead-in: Introduce the person or place to be described in an interesting way.2. Transition: Explain how you get to know this person or place.3. Thesis Statement:1). Present the dominant impression of the person or place.2). Present the three features that support the dominant impression.

9 Body Body Paragraph 1 1. Topic Sentence: Introduce the first feature.
2. Supporting Details: Use descriptive details.3. Closing Remarks: Summarize this paragraph.Body Paragraph 21. Topic Sentence: Introduce the second feature.Body Paragraph 31. Topic Sentence: Introduce the third feature.

10 Conclusion 1. Rephrase the thesis sentence.
2. Restate the three features.3. Extend the significance of the description.

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Little strokes fell Great oaks.


WE are here taught, not to be discouraged at the greatness of any enterprise, for, Faint Heart never won fair Lady. Time and Patience overcometh all things; and wonderful things have been effected by perseverance. A man, with a journey of a hundred miles before him, thinks he Page  182never get through it.—Most assuredly he will not, if he never sets out;—but let him make the attempt, and every step he advances, he will find himself nearer to his journey's end. So is it in all we un|dertake.—Every thing is not to be done at once; but, by degrees, we shall obtain our object. It is not in the power of any man to cut down a large tree, at one stroke of an axe; but let him repeat those strokes, and he will accomplish his purpose. So with the stone-cutters before us.

What more hard than stone, and what less easy to be cut? Stone can be sawn through by degrees, and chizelled into any form we please. Bridges have been built by laying stone upon stone; and the most stupendous piles have been raised, and have given way to the arm of man. Flints have been worn by the feet of pismires; and the paths of ants are easily discovered. The greatest number is made up of units; and the wa|ters of the sea, are made up with drops. The hardest stone has been hollowed out by drops of water continually falling on it.

Plutarch tells a story of Sertorius, to this pur|pose. To persuade his soldiers, that understanding was more available than strength, he caused two horses, with long tails, to be brought out; the one Page  183poor and lean, the other lusty and strong. To the weak horse, he sets a stout, strong, young man, and to the strong horse, a little, weak fellow; each was to pull off his horse's tail. The young man, catch|ing all the tail at once in his hands, began to tug with all his strength, labouring and sweating to little purpose, till at last, being tired, he gave it up: whereas, the weak man, with more under|standing, pulled his horse's tail, hair by hair, and thus, by perseverance, in a little time, got off the whole tail, without much labour; for, according to the Italian proverb, Feather by Feather, the Goose is plucked. In short, the meaning of the Proverb is, that assiduity overcomes all difficulty.

In another sense, it teaches us, that Light Gains make a Heavy Purse; that is, those who sell for small profit, vend more commodities, and make quicker returns of their money, than those who are covetous of gain, and sell their goods at a dearer rate. Indeed, those who sell dear, are likely to be losers in another way; their goods remain long on hand, and frequently spoil and grow out of fashion.

Under this sense of the Proverb, we are taught, likewise, to save our money, for, as Little and osten fills the Purse, he who begins to save, will Page  184soon find himself rich. As Rome was not built in a Day, so a great estate is not acquired in a few hours; but, Every Little makes a Mickle; and great things rise from small beginnings.

In a religious sense, we learn from the scene before us, that perseverance in well-doing, is the way to be saved. No man can lay siege to Hea|ven and take it by violence: but if he pursues the path that leads to it, and holds out to the end, he will then be within reach, and may lay hold of the crown of life.

In a word, whatever object we may have in view, let us keep our eyes fixed upon it, make use of the means that are in our power to obtain it, persevere in those means, never be discouraged, or give the point up, and we shall gradually accom|plish our aim.—Few difficulties are so great as not to be overcome; for Little strokes fell Great oaks.


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