Honors Biology Extra Credit Assignment

My friend Dr. Jeb Barrett studies long term effects of climate change on microorganism populations of the Antarctic Dry Valleys.   You can ask Jeb and his colleagues questions about their research as well as...well anything you want about life in Antarctica.


The assignment:

1. Use the Biologists In Antarctica blog to post your questions.

    a.  Submit at least one well thought out question regarding the research.  

    b.  Submit at least one well thought out question about climate change in general.

    c.  Submit at least one well though out question about the logistics of research in Antarctica.


2.  Upon finding responses to your questions, write me a ONE page reflection (that includes your questions) and your experience talking with these scientists.  What did you learn about their research?  What interested you the most?  Did you experience lead you to more questions or give you ideas for you own future plans?  What about climate change?   


To inform you about their research PRIOR to submitting questions, see the Biologists in Antarctica links posted on the LYNX page. One is an article to help you better understand what Dr. Barrett does.  The other is the blog.  You can find your way around once you're there :) 


¶Each extra credit option is worth specified points toward your final semester grade.

¶All extra credit assignments are due no later than the Friday before the end of the semester (Semester 1: December 9th and Semester 2: May 18th).

¶You may turn in extra credit early anytime during the semester, however NO extra credit will be accepted late.

¶You may earn a maximum of 60 points extra credit per semester (this includes unused restroom passes and bucks).

¶All extra credit will be added to the grade book at the end of the semester.

Things to Make you go Hmmm….

5 pts—Brain Busters: go to our class website and click on “Brain Busters.”

10 pts—Crossword Puzzle: Create a crossword puzzle using a minimum of twenty terms from the current unit we are studying. Write clues to solve your puzzle and include a key! Please use the crossword puzzle handout provided.

15 pts—Children’s Book: Write a short story on the science topic or unit we are currently learning. Make sure to include a book cover, author, illustrations, vocabulary and page numbers. 5 page minimum.

30 pts—Science in the News: Find a science news topic (newspaper or television) that relates to the current unit we are studying. Describe the: Who? What? Where? When? Why and How? of the article/television show, important vocabulary terms and your opinion of the topic. Please follow the Science in the News handout provided.

30 pts—Design a Science game: Design a game you would like to play in class to help students learn or review key concepts in the course. The format can be based on an existing game (e.g., Monopoly, Jeopardy, Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, Cranium), or your own idea. Create actual questions, answers, rules for the game and any other materials needed (i.e. game board). The game should theoretically take 20-30 minutes to play. Please follow Science Game Rubric provided.

50pts—Visit a Science Museum, Aquarium or Zoo: Go visit a science museum, aquarium or zoo. Pick one of the exhibits inside the museum and write a detailed summary about the exhibit and the science that you learned. The review should be at least 2 pages long double spaced. Submit a ticket stub or brochure from the museum with your report. 


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