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If you are an enlisted member who is entitled to basic pay and are performing duties which have been designated as extremely difficult or involving an unusual degree of responsibility in a military skill, you may, in addition to other pay or allowances to which you are entitled, be paid special duty assignment pay. Examples of these jobs include parachuting instructors, fuel specialists and combat controllers.

The following table reflects the most recent DOD changes to SDAP:


Eligibility Requirements
Enlisted members serving in pay grade E-3 or higher are eligible for Special Duty Assignment Pay. Officers/Warrant Officers are not eligible for Special Duty Assignment Pay. Eligibility is contingent on meeting the basic requirements and those provided by specific service regulations. Special Duty Assignment Pay replaces Proficiency Pay; therefore, only one or the other may be paid to a member for a given period.

  • Enlisted members of the Army, Marine Corps and Air Force are authorized to receive SDAP when on a second or subsequent enlisted term of service; and first term person who is serving in an enlistment, an enlistment is extended, or an extension of an enlistment that will total 6 or more years of service.
  • Enlisted members of the Navy are authorized SDAP when on second or subsequent terms of active duty enlisted service and first term personnel who are serving in an enlistment, an enlistment as extended, or an extension of enlistment that will total 7 or more years of active service.
  • Enlisted members of the Reserve Components must be assigned to a duty position characterized by extremely demanding duties or duties demanding an unusual degree of responsibility. Appropriate authorities must annually review the enlisted member’s eligibility to receive either proficiency pay or special duty assignment pay.

Rates Payable
Special Duty Assignment Pay is broken into six pay rates ranging from $55.00 to $375.00 per month. Each military branch assigns those rates to specific duty specialties and assignments.


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The purpose of the Special Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP) program is to provide incentives to encourage highly qualified and capable Marine participants to fill demanding Special Duty Assignment (SDA) billets. The types of SDA billets include, but are not limited to, drill instructors, combat instructors, recruiters, career planners, marine security forces/embassy guards and senior enlisted advisors. SDAP compensation levels range from a minimum SDAP level 1 of $75 to a maximum SDAP level 6 of $450. Ensuring this program makes efficient use of its limited budget is even more critical in periods of fiscal uncertainty. This study employs Ordinary Least Squares and Fixed Effects multivariate regression models to examine the correlation between the quality of Marines serving in special duty assignment billets and SDAP levels. The quality of Marine participants has been determined not to be a current consideration in the process of assigning SDAP levels. The quality variables evaluated are GCT, meritorious promotion, proficiency and conduct markings, PFT and CFT. The results of the investigation also indicate which measure of quality is the best to include in the process of assigning SDAP.



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